Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Diet time!

Well I haven't given an update in a few days but I have great news. I'm down to 172. I think that is about 20 lbs lost! Had I not gotten out of control at the end of 2008, I would be happier having lost 20 lbs, but now I have about 10 more to go. No I'm not looking to be my recommended weight which is 135. I think I would fly away. I've never been that thin in my life. But 160 would be a healthy, do-able weight for me. So that's my aim!
Still eating GREAT low carb foods. Everyone is happier and healthier with this lifestyle!

Contest Alert!

Can you believe there is another contest to write about! Check this one out for sure!!!

I love Seaworld and I don't know anyone who doesn't. Why not enter for a trip? What a great giveaway!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Contest Alert!

For those who like me to share great giveaways online, here is another one and it's right up my alley! As a music lover you just have to appreciate anyone wanting to share their love of music!
So go to To Think Is To Create blog and enter the giveaway for an iPod Touch and Wal-Mart gift card. What a great giveaway and a great blog to read on a daily basis!